Hungary's construction machinery market booming in wait

2015-09-14 16:53:50 Browse:1132
In recent years, the Hungarian economy healthy development and booming in the field of engineering construction greatly stimulates the demand of engineering machinery and equipment improvement. Hungary, only 10 million countries are relatively small, but the economy is in Poland and the Czech republic in central and eastern Europe, ranked third. 
Since joined the eu in 2004, Hungary's engineering machinery demand remained in double-digit annual growth, 2007, has about 1500 units. British JCB is the main supplier of the Hungarian engineering machinery market, annual sales of nearly 300, more than half of the excavating loader is; Caterpillar is the second largest supplier, Hungary engineering machinery market is given priority to with hydraulic excavator crawler bulldozers, digging loaders, sliding steering wheel loader and performance in the field of wheel loader is also very prominent; Komatsu is Hungary's market share in recent years the fastest growing engineering machinery manufacturers, the main mining loaders and small excavators and crawler bulldozers. Hungary is also very strong demand for second-hand equipment, second-hand equipment is the main source of Germany and Austria. Different from Western Europe, Hungary for small excavator has not yet formed a large demand, this is mainly due to the Hungary has a lot of cheap labor, and excavating loader and sliding steering wheel loader application is more common in Hungary. The demand of small excavator is expected to slow growth, to 100 levels by 2009. 
Due to Hungary is located in the centre of Europe area, unique geographical location makes Hungary to eastern Europe engineering machinery market development has important significance to benchmarking.