Industry: new dynamic vibratory roller development abroad

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Compared vibratory roller and static roller, it has a good compaction effect, high production efficiency, etc. In the engineering quality and schedule requirements today, more and more strict, by the broad masses of the consistent favour of construction unit. With the vibration compaction technology and control technology, especially the microelectronics technology, automatic control technology and the rapid development of network technology, the development prospects of vibratory roller is more bright. In this, this paper introduces some foreign development trend of the vibratory roller, hope some enlightenment for domestic development of road roller. 
1, super senior road vibration compaction technology development 
In order to be kept in an appropriate temperature control compaction (Superpave) super senior pavement material, need to improve the rolling speed, improve the vibration frequency at the same time, to keep the vibration compaction time interval of the blended material, so as to ensure the compactness. At present, the main roller production enterprises in the world are carried out on the one hand, the development of the work. Caterpillar inc., Dana parker, sakai sea parker company through the improvement of two rounds of vibratory roller, such as improving the vibration frequency and vibration force. The operator can comfortably, automatically control the vibration of the wheel vibration frequency and amplitude, implementation for high speed compaction in quality assurance at the same time. Because from high to low with multistage frequency and amplitude, enables these products in the state of high speed press more types of soil structure, so as to improve the efficiency of the construction area and construction. 
2, vibration technology innovation 
BMW, in order to meet the using demand of the high precision of compactness, developed the double steel wheel automatic control compaction system "Variomatic", hereinafter referred to as BVM. And determine the characteristics of the system is to automatically control the size of the required pressure strength, can also be called automatic amplitude compaction system. The main work device is composed of two counter-rotating axial and centrifugal force produced by the rotation of work by the superposition of geometric form directional vibration, directional vibration system is the foundation of BVM. BVM unique feature of the system is to change direction of vibration, it can automatically adjust the directional vibration ShiZhen direction, in the process of compaction according to the change of compaction surface stiffness or the change of the direction of the motion of the roller to adjust ShiZhen direction, so as to achieve the purpose of adjusting the amplitude. 
Other such as the United States ingersoll-rand DD - 130 double tandem vibratory roller steel wheel. It has automatic reverse in each wheel vibration of eccentric device, which can realize from 0.7 ~ 1.6 t of eight different exciting force output, basically can meet the demand of all soil types of pavement compaction. 
In addition, there are horizontal vibration compaction technology. It is using the cyclic shear strain in soil mechanics principle, the material such as soil particle rearrangement for compacted. Germany Hamm company first developed oscillatory roller according to this principle, it USES two eccentric shaft synchronous rotation, eccentric force parallel to each other, form the alternating torque, the vibrating wheel oscillation, formed on the surface of compaction. 
In order to increase the compaction effect and improve the efficiency of compaction, some products abroad also generally used the technology of super high frequency vibration, vibration frequency more than 66.7 Hz, compactness needed for roller quickly achieve high output power, which can effectively improve the speed of compaction. 
3, timely monitoring, automation, intelligent and network technology development and application 
With the development of modern new technology revolution, especially the microelectronics technology, automatic control technology and the rapid development of computer technology and other high-tech guided compaction machinery automation, intelligent and roboticized direction. 
In compaction process monitoring technology, Germany BTM compaction meter using vibration component interaction between foundation and judging the dynamic characteristics of the compaction process. The principle of this method is based on the local surface under the action of vibration parts, pressure real-time step by step, the ground and the dynamic performance of the machine system is changing, this change will indicate the ground bearing capacity of relative values, which also reflects the ground by the degree of compaction. Its BTM05 compaction control computer measurement system, can carry out continuous and real-time measurement and processing compaction process changes of the medium voltage degree, it can display or print out the compaction layer section of compaction quality. 
On this basis, the company has developed a can be connected with the microcomputer BCM03 offline processing system, the processed data can map out the entire area pressure field compaction quality figure. Bomag in Germany at the same time, companies such as Sweden Dynapac roller products, microcomputer technology has been widely used in the working system, such as the monitoring work system, driving system of antiskid switch device, the machine fault automatic detection system, etc. They will be in advance is the basic principle of the whole machine working condition of the working system of the information compiled into software, in the process of the machine work, installed on the working device of sensor constantly send out to the microprocessor in the operation of the equipment on the signal or data, after computer processing on the LCD screen shows the corresponding text, image or audio and video information (alarm). When the alarm, the operator can at any time through the system information query concern of the whole machine work, such as temperature, rotational speed, oil, etc. 
On the application of intelligent, networked, Germany Bomag company has the network transmission and satellite positioning system (GPS) is applied to the corresponding products. Through this system, the position of the roller can be recorded very accurate, and can determine the position of the compaction and ensure the quality of compaction. By installing it in the GPS pulse on the roller device, will the machine work such as the engine of work area, track and rolling GPS signals such as compactness, transferred to the space satellites; Space satellite information will bring together to form the image data or information to send to install on the GPS receivers on the roller and the PC display; And at the same time, through the ground GPS signal device send instruction to roller, and start the automatic amplitude, at any time to adjust the size of the work force, in order to achieve compactness requirements stipulated in the road. Some roller still around the fuselage arrangement direction sensor and ultrasonic launch receivers, roller if encounter obstacles when driving, receiver will receive the obstacle reflected back to the reflection wave, trigger the alarm and alert the driver; If and operators of hand-held sensor are connected to a remote control, can realize the long-distance free flow of information, and realizes the unmanned machine. 
4, pay attention to the concept of humanized design, increase the comfort and safety of products 
Foreign engineering machinery products in the humanized design has done a lot of meticulous and effective work, try our best to meet operators to demand such as beautiful, practical, comfortable. In addition to the previously mentioned about the lifting height of chair, the front and back of the slide and rotation, and before and after the backrest Angle adjustment, also considering the floating up and down, such as handrails, steering wheel Angle of the follower, pedal and coordination, help block envelope to set up, first aid kit equipped, the layout of the console, instrument lighting installation and operation of verbosity, etc., these design fully considers the human physiological characteristics and behavior habits, try to reduce the labor intensity of drivers, to reduce operating errors, maximize the satisfaction of the customers' willingness to use. 
Comfort to a wide range of engineering machinery, such as the driver's driving conditions, operation, maintenance and insurance raises a gender, etc., is one of the main driving conditions. At present, foreign vibratory roller bridge has a tendency to gradually approaching vehicle cab standard, performance in the internal structure of a large number of modular forming parts, elegant appearance, reasonable overall arrangement and comfortable, and according to the characteristics of the roller often need to drive before and after operation, pay special attention to the pursuit of a wide field of vision, such as visual effect, and is equipped with ventilation, air conditioning, heater, TV monitoring facilities. In the manipulation and control, a large number of using electric or electro-hydraulic spreading, flexible operation of the light. On the whole bridge structure, increased the man-machine engineering application of plastic arts, the sides of the cab is equipped with super toughened glass doors and Windows, deluxe before and after the driver seat can slide up and down, left and right sides, and mobile, backrest Angle can be adjusted, the cab can whole flip or slip, improve the internal maintenance of equipment maintenance convenience. Between the bridge and the fuselage set multiple electronic rubber damping element, airframe vibration wheel and adopt flexible connection, make the roller drive parts and vibration in the two units, power by hydraulic system, and the vibration of the vibration roller is rarely came; Combined with bridge is made of high quality rubber components, the vibration between wheel and frame with elastic shock absorber, the sharply reduce the amplitude of the seat, and properly solved is to improve the effect of vibration and to prevent the harmful vibration this contradiction, greatly improved the operation comfort and convenience of maintenance, embodies the high man-machine plastic arts. 
In terms of safety, generally adopted the cab tilting and falling objects protection or independent and tilting, and fall protection devices, with a heavy engineering seats and seat belts. In the caliper disc brake system on adopt gas pushed fluid without dynamic braking system, can be in the loss of power in an emergency, to achieve effective braking of the machine. In drive system, through the adoption of antiskid switch technology, greatly improve the driving performance of the machine, so the climbing ability of above 50%. If use the technology developed by British Benford SP2012D HC vibratory roller, can be in 1:2 on the slopes of the compaction materials containing 8% bentonite enrichment of sand, and a few vibration compaction can meet the compactness. 
5, pay attention to the green environmental protection design 
To meet the increasingly stringent environmental requirements, foreign vibratory roller manufacturers have introduced the concept of green design. At present, mainly from the lower engine emissions, reduce vibration and noise of several aspects. Abroad some vibratory roller started to look for in the design and manufacture process to reduce the noise, vibration, the causes of exhaust gas, parts, actively explore and take measures to try to eliminate it. As in the exhaust gas purification, caterpillar production of some products, through the application of electric control fuel injection, exhaust gas recirculation, and using new technology, such as catalytic purifier has been able to satisfy EPATierII and EUStageII emission standards; Some more with new type diesel engine ADEM microprocessor diesel electronic control module, the injection pressure increased by 22%, the degree of fuel atomization, burning full, high efficiency, not only reduce the exhaust of harmful content, more make output torque increases by 35%. In reducing noise, through the extensive use of elastic support and elastic damping elements, and improve the institutions in the movement of body, execution parts production and assembly precision, improve the seal cab, choose the right tires, etc., to reduce the mechanical, hydraulic and tire noise; And some manufacturers products using the surface coated with sound-absorbing material of cover, had good sound insulation effect, make the outside noise dropped to below 72 ab, obtains a good application and environmental protection effect. 
Above is only part of vibratory roller technology abroad a few, but represents the development trend of foreign products in the design and development. Domestic roller production enterprises should fully realize its own products on the technical performance gap with foreign advanced products, find out my own shortcomings, reference and learn the advanced technology of foreign products, to meet the needs of the domestic market innovation, to improve the competitiveness of the domestic vibratory roller, to meet the challenge of the accession to the WTO, to lay a good foundation.