Addressing the chairman Lin Yidong

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Lin Yidong: use quality deduce wonderful life of the valve 
"Doing business just like with a person, should be the pursuit of quality, temple temple honest." See heavy industry valve co., LTD., chairman of zhejiang Lin Yidong, you will feel it is not like a big enterprise and slim stature, simple appearance, give a person a kind of very cordial feeling, especially easy to close, to talk without any special "esoteric" theory, nor where rhetoric, seemed to have no businessman, big boss, the sort of "smart". According to the company an executive, s always put others before oneself, helpful, friendly, speak in front of employees in the form of "friends" to treat each person, never put the "boss" down a peg or two, there is a very special affinity. He is compassionate, sympathy for the poor, love to put money in the "the very real possibility of poor people". 
Product quality is the life of the enterprise, is based on the market and win in the fierce competition. This obvious truth everyone understand for entrepreneurs in the field of manufacturing, but can actually implement and can completely because the product quality and production factory in valve and achievements of a brilliant career, may not heavy industry valve co., LTD., chairman of zhejiang Lin Yidong. 
Not simple achievements simple ideas 
In the 1960 s, Lin Yidong was born in the north bank of oujiang Louvre in the village of an ordinary peasant family, like normal children of the home, he followed their parents to do farm work when I was young, learning skills. After the third plenary session of the eleventh, the wave of reform and opening up the first swept across the earth, and the southern of young and energetic as the trend of The Times he became one of the first batch of China's economic reforms. A thriving business in the early 80 s, ou north valve, formed a large valve sales team, Lin Yidong also naturally became one of them. His bags and left to raise his education in his hometown, running across great river north and south, also cultivated a business skill. But he felt alone in the outside run business selling valve is very difficult, have a feeling of silence, should be brave enough to walk in the forefront of The Times and market development, set up their own fixed valve sales outlets. Due to see the situation of Shanghai big move within an enterprise, so in the revolutionary base areas of guizhou opened a valve outlet, selling all kinds of valves, business is not very hot, can the development of the business went well, when is three or four years. 
Into the 90 s, with the further development of the pump valve industry always fine, ou north street "" jiangbei valve valve market has emerged, Lin Yidong immediately with keen original merchant view, see ou north market development prospect of the valve, and in 1992, resolutely decided to give up myself in guizhou business operation for several years, he returned to his hometown oubei town, located in jiangbei street salesroom, doing the valve business. As he expected, the valve shop, the money also earn "rich". 
But in the process of long-term valve operation, due to their full control valve products in the hands of manufacturers, quality winding, frequently, because the product quality problem embarrass myself in front of the customer. This also let Lin Yidong deeply felt the importance of quality for your business. In order to be able to provide customers high quality valve products, allow yourself to make the goods in the quality of "comfort", at the same time in order to stick up for themselves to the forefront of developments in the market firm faith, Lin Yidong germination starting valve factory produces its own idea. He think: only in this way, to provide customers the valve to the quality of the product can obtain the real reliable guarantee! In 1997, Lin Yidong in ou north pu industrial zone 3 acres of land expropriation, founded the yongjia county, heavy industry valve factory, namely today heavy industry of the valve. He said: "I do purely for the quality of the valve, factory have quality will have a market, ideas it's as simple as that!" 
Quality business philosophy with the business enterprise growth process 
Due to the pursuit of product quality from the start, as the highest corporate goals and objectives, heavy industry valve factory one starts from 1998, business is booming, with less than three years, the production workshop is very crowded, so looking for land in order to further expand production. In 2000 Lin Yidong in ou north industrial park land more than 4000 square meters, the five-star pump valve rapid construction, in February 2002 formally put into production of new region, temporarily solved. Not to two or three years, the production site and can't satisfy the demand for the development of heavy industry dramatically. In 2003, Lin Yidong with entrepreneur's strategic vision in lishui qingtian land more than 13000 square meters, set up a large valve finishing production base. 
Qingtian valve production base, with the victory of the completed and put into production, which there is no difficulty in the valve production capacity, it should be said that in Lin Yidong heart finally can breathe a sigh of relief, but in fact his heart and, therefore, is not easy, let he care about the quality of the product moments. , he said, how to carry out to every link in the process of production quality, carry out to the hearts of every employee, to carry out the whole process of enterprise development? Seems a very simple thing, in fact it is very difficult, heavy industry products in the field of the hometown of pump valve and the valve to maintain the leading quality, not only cannot have a glimmer of lax on thoughts and actions, and flax, and at the same time be willing to part with or use. For a long time, heavy industry for quality continuously invested heavily to introduce new advanced equipment, khan in the second half of 2007 in qingtian heavy industry valve production base has invested more than 600 600 yuan, purchased the most advanced large-scale production equipment. Only in this way, can effectively guarantee the quality of the heavy industry products, to further expand the market, increase brand awareness. 
Calm attitude towards enterprise sharp growth in the future 
Today heavy industry the strength of the valve is not in those days, not only in the hometown of pump valve set up its own position, and on the whole is also has the high prestige. At present, the company has comprehensive valve oubei town of wenzhou five-star workshop a stainless steel valves, pu workshop, lishui qingtian American standard valve, butterfly valve, ball valve, workshop workshop, high pressure workshop, including Shanghai and general valve valve co., LTD., etc., has more than 300 employees, including senior professional titles, more than 260 high precision mechanical equipment and advanced quality testing equipment, performance test, ultrasonic thickness gauge, spectrometer, flaw detection, the physical and chemical analysis and other testing equipment. Is the national special equipment pressure pipe production license issued by the general administration of quality enterprises, ISO9001 quality system certification enterprises, the American petroleum institute API certification enterprises, the European Union CE authentication enterprise, the level of supply network of oil and gas group, the network energy one enterprise, national power company network members, China engineering construction recommended products unit. Become an annual production capacity of 8000 tons of high-tech valve enterprise. Products in accordance with Chinese GB, HG, countries such as the United States API, JIS, German DIN standards for production, main products: gate valve, globe valve, ball valve, check valve, butterfly valve, slurry valve, valve, check valve, such as series, the valve body material: carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, ultra-low carbon stainless steel and special steel, monel, products are widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, electric power, aluminum, pharmaceutical, paper making, and urban construction and other industries, well received by users and. At the same time across the country set up more than 20 sales center, the foreign trade business carried out systematically. 
When asked about heavy industry's future development direction, Lin Yidong no grandiloquence, the mood is very peaceful. He said: "you, not to advance is to go back, with the rapid development of the market will press the enterprises themselves step by step forward." The workers are in the process of forming a group, in the "township of the Chinese pump valve" - oubei town set up headquarters office center, marketing center, technology development center, production process control and the whole process of network management center. 
In the face of heavy good development trend, Lin Yidong said: "the long-term stable development of an enterprise, must have the strength, professional and integrity. Only in this way, can guarantee the quality of heavy industry, the quality of the casting heavy industry!" Believe that heavy industry valve in Lin Yidong unswervingly pursue the "quality" of the pursuit, will coruscate gives unprecedented vigor and vitality, as China's is a generation of "pride".