Practice makes perfect heavy industry valve with the world

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Mention "heavy" people will naturally think of is heavy industry and annual sales of more than 20 well-known domestic enterprises "sany heavy industry, but in our valve industry also has a" heavy valve ", he is a heavy industry valve co., LTD., zhejiang has set up a file in the industry development. In recent years, under the guidance of enterprise leader company chairman Lin Yidong courageously to expand the market, market share grew, has now become the backbone of Chinese pump valve of the township enterprises. 
Starting from scratch on the valve industry 
When we are in contact with the s a, give a person impression is sedate and reality, although there have been more than 40 years old, was destined to his unique temperament, he is a man of a career as a enterprise bigger and stronger to the entrepreneur, in recent years enterprises thrive also confirms he is good at develop strong spirit. Actually we know that: "heavy valve" enterprise development also is starting from scratch, development is uneven, bumpy and winding. Started with s first run away, when to make the valve open store distribution in guizhou, saved the ability to make the market. Later in 1988 to wenzhou ou north jiangbei pu industrial zone to buy land to build their own valve enterprise, mainly produces stainless steel valves, production and sales, according to the accumulating capital, accumulated a strong energy to the development of the new enterprise. When enterprise positioning on specializing in the production of valves, go the way of professional valve manufacture, its leading products valve, stainless steel valve, butterfly valve, ball valve, high temperature and high pressure power station valve, general high school pressure valve, etc. Series of varieties, in their respective industry sectors such as petroleum, chemical, electric power and stronger a piece of the market, also occupy a certain share. 
Now enterprises, excellent reputation in the industry, also benefit from the "heavy" valve enterprise well-knownness, enterprise products are named as "heavy" for professional, and famous at home and abroad. 
At present, the company headquarters is located in wenzhou oubei town five-star industrial zone, in 2002, restructured into limited liability company, the registered capital of 26.58 million yuan, covering an area of more than 23800 square meters, at present, the company sets: butterfly valve, stainless steel valves, qingtian production base, as well as the American standard valve, stainless steel valve, butterfly valve, ball valve, high temperature and high pressure power station valve, such as general high school pressure valve manufacturing workshop, and wholly owned holding over Shanghai valve manufacturing co., LTD. 
At present, the staff and senior professional titles more than 260 people, has CNC lathes, CNC boring machine, large vertical lathe is set more than 160 units, such as high precision and advanced quality testing equipment, performance test, ultrasonic thickness meter, chemical analysis, CAD valve design, the main production of high, medium, low voltage, high temperature, low temperature, power station valve, gate valve, globe valve, ball valve, check valve, butterfly valve, etc. Products in accordance with Chinese GB. HG, the APL. ANSI, Japan JIS, German DIN and other national standards for production, the valve body material: chrome steel, alloy steel, carbon steel, stainless steel, ultra-low carbon stainless steel and special steel, monel. Widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, electric power, pharmaceutical, paper making, and form a complete set of urban construction and other industries. 
Heavy industry valve with the world 
"Heavy" valve adopt collectivization management mode and production process control, ensure the good quality of heavy industry valve, with the enterprise has obtained the ISO9001-2000 quality system certification and CE, API6D and TS, is the national electric power company in network member enterprises, petroleum energy level supply network members, one member enterprise, China engineering construction recommended products unit. Company product is "high-quality products in zhejiang province", "China quality technology products" honor. Become an annual production capacity of 10000 tons of medium-sized backbone enterprises valve. 
With the expanding of enterprise well-knownness, the fake "heavy" brand products are flooding the market, seriously violated the reputation of the enterprise. They start from the internal, and actively implement the development strategy of the brand, the company over the years has been to "quality and life" as the theme, constantly develop new products, new technology, the size, grade, creates the brand, make the enterprise healthy and rapid development, has now become a set product development, design, manufacture, sales and after-sales service into a professional valve enterprise. 
Learned from our talk with s, heavy industry expansion valve is to development, in recent years by increments and by 20-30%, mainly with "heavy" valve quality, based on the "heavy" fame, they in order to make the quality of the process of heavy industry valve, also spent a certain price, on the one hand, build good enterprise image and honest, steadfast work spirit; On the other hand, the implementation of technical investment, infrastructure building and development, seeking to implement the expansion of enterprises, and to strengthen from the internal equipment modification, willing to invest to enhance product equipment manufacturing strength, now the company has formed a powerful advantages to equipment, can manufacture valve since the childhood, and most use specialized processing, supplemented by strict ISO9001 quality assurance system to control internal product manufacturing, and from the materials, processing, manufacturing, testing and other manufacturing link be implemented, ensure the good quality of products. 
Company technical engineer Pan Xianmin also introduced, in order to implement the strategy of the development of science and technology innovation, they focus on product research and development, specializing in adapt to market the shortage of products, focus on development of high temperature and high pressure power station valve and some special valves, every year there are a batch of new product launch the market; According to market development needs to develop some new products, satisfy the customer to the development of high temperature and high pressure, large caliber. They recognize that now the valve products in the safe and reliable, beautiful modelling, structure compact, the operation is convenient, comfortable, easy to tear open outfit, clean environmental protection, noise, vibration small, little flow resistance loss, completely change the original valve structure on the design concept of heavy crude, on modelling design, structural design, material selection, manufacturing, assembly, inspection, packaging transportation, storage, sales, installation and debugging based on this idea, they are trying to implement, to ensure that the valve products further to meet the needs of market development. 
With heavy valve promotion enterprise's image, expand enterprise well-knownness, enterprises to speed up development in big strides in recent years, followed the pace of rapid growth, go forward. According to s: currently, in order to further the world, China's valve door manufacturers, they are the next step development measures, efforts to expand the workshop on one hand, to adapt to the rapid development needs; On the other hand, focus on building the hard truth eternal development, independent innovation in scientific research, to ensure that every year there are a number of new product launch the market, to enhance the vitality of enterprise development. 
Actively looking for domestic business 
When we learned that the "heavy" valve before the financial crisis is still calm thinking, full of confidence to actively cope with, "crisis" to "machine", although the current faces due to the fluctuation of raw materials and is sharply, leading to internal prices into the raw materials, product inventory and original price decline, internal economic benefit is obvious drop, profit growth to slow down. Based on the current situation is how to reduce of the decline of the economic benefits. S think, under the financial crisis, countries positive measures, for the general machinery industry the development of a new round of the seeds. Valve industry is what we look for opportunities to the development of a good time, we seize the favorable opportunity, complete each work. Strengthen internal economic accounting, grasp the economic downturn and appear some negative factors, eyes inward, strengthen internal management, reasonable to reduce the product backlog. And adjust the product structure, to prevent the emergence of a new product backlog and resulting in a decline in enterprise efficiency, poor capital turnover etc. Bad phenomenon, through the current difficulties caused by climate, the town looking for a new development opportunity, especially to implement positive strategic decision for the country to expand domestic demand, so as to build up your confidence through the present difficulties. 
S analyses the root causes of the global financial crisis and the market of our country, the influence of the financial and economic. He pointed out that the financial crisis to rely on exports to the transformation of the mode of economic growth. China has obvious market advantage, if two engines start fully, investment and consumption will promote a new round of the rapid development of Chinese economy. Upriver seize opportunities, achieve the goal of sales next year, production and sales of more than 100 million yuan. 
"There's danger will be organic," Lin Yidong thinks, worldwide disaster breeds worldwide opportunities. Countries to implement a proactive fiscal policy and loose monetary policy, as well as 4 trillion investment plan, for the general machinery industry pulling effect is obvious. He said the current global economic situation is very serious, heavy industry is affected by some real, we must cause attaches great importance to the ideological, but don't panic, there are dangerous will be organic, it is important to accurately and comprehensively grasp the change of the current situation, in a profound change in the world, finding the right response, seize opportunities, meet the new round of development. 
"Heavy" valve also faces the domestic market sales fluctuations. Economic instability leads to lack of investor confidence, the domestic demand slowdown, how to ensure the growth of the domestic sales, and heavy industry valve should actively face. Instability of the world's major currencies, prices of raw materials of ups and downs, the change of market competition, etc., to the heavy cost control, profit ability brings great influence, which require heavy industry to maintain a high level of alert in dealing with business and sensitive. 
"Facing the world crisis, we are going to see the situation of serious, but also should see worldwide opportunities." Lin Yidong believed that the governments have taken a series of measures to rekindle confidence in the market, the operation of financial market gradually restored. And should be in this round of crisis, the Chinese government "to expand investment moves faster, punches, heavier measures shall grant, work to real" words, to convey the central to ensure China's economic stability and growth of determination and strength. 
"National macroeconomic regulation and control, we keep the strength and ability to enhance economic growth, investment in 4 trillion, a proactive fiscal policy and moderately easy monetary policy, inject new vitality to the development of Chinese economy." Lin Yidong says countries, increase the infrastructure construction, and for machinery industry, is undoubtedly the opportunity. After national 4 trillion investment, all localities have also introduced policies, preliminary estimates the entire investment will reach 30 trillion yuan, general machinery industry outlook is still optimistic. 
"This special period, is also our integrated supply chain, strengthen the internal management of the important period." S believed that at present, in both international and domestic procurement of spare parts, negotiation conditions and bargaining power in the advantage, can gain integrated supply chain, to ensure that the procurement price high quality good. S, said at the time of the rapid development of company, the change of external environment, make these previously neglected internal management problems. "The market is weak, be helpful for enterprises to invest more time and energy, from the perspective of the internal management, saving, improve labor efficiency, improve the level of management, create more value." 
S also pointed out that the world top 500 enterprises, inevitably experienced several rounds of economic cycle, and accumulate experience in the crisis. Heavy industry in the 1998 Asian economic crisis, the macroeconomic regulation and control of hone since 2004 and growth, to deal with the crisis response speed faster, more in place, thought more mature. Today's heavy industry has developed into China's valve industry backbone enterprises, the rapid development of economic strength and and will be widely recognized by the product and capital market, its advantages make it heavy valve are full of confidence in the financial crisis. 
S said that we are unable to predict the financial crisis will end when in what form, but after the baptism of the crisis, the Chinese economy and world economy will return to normal development track. As an important member of the global system, we should see the efforts of the countries with our own ability. Enterprise and the staff together, actively respond to seize the opportunity, for the next round of economic growth to be prepared for a positive and solid.