Heavy industry valve group - marketing strategy formulation and implementation of the program: selected target market, market segment - marketing mix - implementation plan - to organize and implement - test evaluation. 
1, market segmentation, 
Market is not a single, homogeneous demand customers, but a diverse, heterogeneous groups, so market segmentation can find new market opportunities, also can better meet market demand; Both can more fully exert advantages of enterprises, and provide conditions for enterprises to selected target market, lay the foundation. Market segmentation according to certain criteria (population, geography, psychology, buying behavior and other factors), subdivided market and according to certain principles (such as the determination of sex, accessibility, profitability, etc.) to test whether effective. Market segmentation is good or bad it will determine the fate of the marketing strategy. 
2. Select the target market 
The selection of target market and marketing combination is the core of marketing strategy of two related parts. Selected target market is in the subdivided market determines enterprise to enter the market, answer customer who it was, to whom the product appeal. Even a huge enterprise is difficult to meet all of the market. But many enterprises couldnt bite to swallow all the market in China, the results backfire. Especially in health care products, some efficacy as many as a dozen, almost a panacea, suitable for any people. In addition, some enterprises dont know what your product is, what appeals to consumers, such as newly listed a soy sauce, according to the company, it is not only the soy sauce, and can replace monosodium glutamate, is a kind of health care products, have health care function. What is this, who may feel puzzled. To sum up, the enterprise must have a clear target market; The second is for a product must have a clear appeal, there is a clear consumer groups; Three is to seize the main contradiction, highlight key, namely not to appeal to anyone, also dont demand anything. 
3, marketing mix 
Once the clear target market, be about to consider how to enter the market, and meet the market demand, that is the organic combination of combination of factors such as product, price, channel, promotion, but must not simple addition of several combined factors, enterprises in the marketing mix the following points must be considered. Through investigation on domestic excellent enterprise, etc. To understand their general marketing mix. There are differences between the outstanding and competitive company unique, give full play to the advantages of our company advantage. Marketing combination is the enterprise can control, the enterprise can control the combination to control the entire marketing mix. Marketing mix is a systems engineering, composed of multilayer system. Marketing mix factors must coordinate with each other, according to different products, different prices, choose different channels, adopt different promotion methods. Marketing mix is not static, but dynamic. Product life cycle is divided into four stages, when the product life cycle are in phase change, and other combined factors changed also. Take advertising, its early to notice advertisements; Growth to persuade advertising; Mature period for prompt ads. In the above the combination of the four main factors of which the most important, this will in different industries, forms varies, but generally speaking, the high priority of which is the product. Companies provide products are needed by the market, whether can meet the demand of consumers, solve consumer to solve problems, provide the interests of the consumers want, this is the key to product. Only let the consumer satisfaction, consumer will acknowledge your products, accept your product. But, our country many enterprises not take the market as the guidance, but still stay on the product or marketing concept, so caused a large backlog of products, its value up to more than $thirty thousand. 
A decline in sales, market share fell, the effort is not enough, why not sales people and it is necessary to consider possible conditions are selling products. To solve the problem of sales, should first solve the problem of product, the product plan first. Asahi beer company in Japan, for example, its market share fell for years, fell to 9.6% in 1985, for reverse down more than 1985 consumer taste, taste on a large scale survey, and the research and development of new products according to the results of the survey. This new product to market, a surge in sales, market share rally, increased by 1989 to 25%, ranking the second industry. 
4, the implementation plan 
Is implementation plan for the implementation of marketing strategy and plan. Good strategy should be organized, after be planed and orderly way. The concrete content includes organization and personnel allocation; Works; Steps and schedule; Cost budget, etc.