With a low carbon economy concept leads the development of emerging industry

2015-09-14 16:32:53 Browse:794

With a low carbon economy concept leading emerging industry development, the key point is: 
One, is a focus on the development of wind power equipment, solar photovoltaic, semiconductor lighting, LCD display, biomedicine and other high and new technology industry, cultivate new growth pole; 
Second and is around the new energy industry, focus on the development of the fan equipment, solar energy equipment, efficient clean power generation equipment, uhv power transmission and transformation equipment, and strive to promote a batch of advanced equipment, integrating improve equipment manufacturing production capacity in the city; 
Three, revolves around the new energy equipment industry development, to improve the traditional advantageous industries, and provide supporting gm for the development of new energy equipment and key parts and components, the point is: for nuclear power, wind power, petrochemical and other supporting special pump valve, large castings and forgings used for fan, ships and die, for the photovoltaic (pv), fan provide matching of high and low voltage electrical appliances, cable; 
Four, is by the opportunity for the development of new energy vehicles, strive to transform and upgrade traditional auto parts industry, actively to drive module, the development of key parts of electric machine and electric control system; 
Five, is a relevant policy, speed up the support of a number of emerging industries leading enterprises bigger and stronger, improving independent innovation ability, encourage leading enterprises from the manufacturer to system integration service providers; 
Six, is the flexible use of various policy, strive to cultivate a batch of semiconductor lighting industry leading enterprises, support enterprises to exploit the semiconductor lighting products in the commercial, municipal, popularization and application in the field of industrial workshop, etc. Eccentric holy nuclear valve profession: ball valve, ball valve, forged steel ball valve, hard seal ball valve, butterfly valve, triple eccentric butterfly valve, gate valve, globe valve, flat gate valve. 
To speed up the new energy, energy conservation and environmental protection industry as an important breakthrough development of low-carbon economy and foster emerging industries comes in.