Heavy industry group review monthly training in August

2015-09-14 16:43:10 Browse:830
On August 27, 2015, heavy industry group headquarters in August monthly training carried out in the headquarters of conference room. 29, qingtian manufacturing base, also conveniently. 
This month's topics is the 5 s implementation of practical methods and steps, emphasis is on the scene of the production personnel, materials, machines, methods, carries on the effective management and other factors of production. 5 s originated in Japan, also referred to as "" wuchang law", is one of the modern enterprise management mode. Including sort (Seiri), consolidation (Seiton), cleaning (Seiso), clean (Seiketsu), quality (Shitsuke) five content. Although 5 s is not fresh topic already, but it plays a very important role in manufacturing enterprises. In order to enable every employee to understand the content of 5 s, on-site environmental management awareness, this month, the selection of the topics to deepen the understanding about 5 s. In the training this month, we mainly studied the content of the first 3 S. 
Finishing is the key to distinguish with don't items, the items don't according to whether there is use value to carry on the corresponding processing, put items to classify land in the right place. Although this definition seems very simple, and it is very easy to understand, but the practice is not so easy. Especially the word "this", but hidden great learning. Too many and miscellaneous items of manufacturing, in the process of finishing, we need to classify according to the item's attributes, and good classification of goods in accordance with the use frequency is placed in the most appropriate location. But where is the most appropriate, is the right position, this needs according to the field of management experience, to set up, to adjust, do it can not only ensure the scene environment clean and orderly, and convenient operation, improve production efficiency. 
The second item is rectified. Clean up is to put the things, constant volume and fixed quantity to put. In a nutshell, is put in what place, what kind of containers, how many quantity. The purpose is to within 30 seconds of the reorganization of the find what we need. At the scene of the production, or warehouse, we will find that sometimes you need something, but it is hard to find in a short time. This is because we didn't put everything in a fixed position, no obvious signs, so that when you need to find a hassle. According to the 5 s standard operating production site, there must be a clear division, and will be in different regions of different colors to distinguish, let a person be clear at a glance. In place, we need to always remember two words: no painting line area must not put items, to put items area must draw the line. In this way can make the scene orderly. Constant volume is container should be determined according to the items attribute, select the most appropriate container to flourish. Quantitative is to define how much a container inside place number, in order to count. 
The third item is clean. The word sounds simple, but it is not easy cleaning. Clean the first step is to divide the area. Many people think that cleaning is a cleaner, has nothing to do with myself. This idea is completely wrong. Cleaning is not just a matter of cleaner, but also every field staff. Cleaner is responsible for the cleaning of public areas, and the staff are responsible for each and every one of their own areas of the operating equipment and operating clean sanitation, the formation of "I am responsible for my 5 s". And, at the time of cleaning, not only to clean the visible place, more want to clean out of sight, do a thorough cleaning. Cleaning cycle requires according to actual condition to make. In addition, when cleaning the need to find the pollution source. Can effectively eliminate, to resolutely put an end to secondary pollution, really achieve the purpose of cleaning. 
By studying the three S, all the staff of the environmental awareness has a certain degree of ascension, also have a more profound understanding to the 5 S. The scene of the 5 s is not only can effectively improve the production environment, it can improve work efficiency, improve product quality, also can make our group more energetic, improve employees' mental outlook. 
At the end of the training, we return to 6 - birthday staff to celebrate birthday in August. Look at every employee happy smile on her face, we strengthened the pace of progress. Believe in the future days, the company will be adhering to the idea of keeping pace with The Times, constant progress, to our customers and staff to hand over a perfect answer.