"Cherish life, care for health" knowledge lecture - all employees to heavy industry group

2015-09-14 16:40:45 Browse:813
On August 3 (Monday) afternoon, we invited five into health propaganda and education center in zhejiang province. Liu for the headquarters staff to carry out the theme of "cherish life, care for health" emergency care and health knowledge lecture. The main purpose of this lecture is for employees to popularize knowledge of first aid, and teach the employee how to look after their health in daily life and work, and improve the occupational disease prevention. 
The beginning of the lecture, liu first popularized the first aid knowledge to us. The most common and most can play a role is CPR (CPR) site, including artificial respiration and chest compressions two steps. This seems very simple, but without the right method, not only cannot save, also may produce secondary damage. Golden relief only 8 minutes, so, the correct first aid methods is very important, fate decided at this moment. In addition, liu also taught the basic ways of trauma care. To stop bleeding after dressing, and then fixed after handling. If the step is wrong, also can cause fatal damage. 
For office workers, whether it's office for a long time, prolonged standing or workshop front-line workers, basically will have corresponding occupational disease, such as periarthritis of shoulder, cervical spondylosis, lumbar disc, arthritis, etc. These seemingly common ailment, is in our daily work, we should pay attention to most. Do not pay attention to the prevention, do not pay attention to ease, may lead to unexpected tragedy. In the lecture, liu also gave us treat these occupational disease should be how to adjust, what should notice in work. Through the pressed some point, can effectively prevent and reduce the symptoms. This also let everybody to acupoints had certain understanding, self health care consciousness has been improved. 
The final minutes of the lecture, liu to interact with everybody. We have also put forward their own problems, understand the causes of some symptoms, hope to be able to get more information. The lecture lasted for nearly one and a half hours, everyone for first aid and self care has a more profound understanding. 
Whether life or work, people's health is always the first. Without health, everything else lost its meaning. Have words said: "accident and tomorrow, you don't know which one will come first." Indeed, each person to focus on their health, nip in the bud. In the event of an accident, can have some necessary knowledge of first aid can save a life. All said the body is the capital of the revolution, the staff of the body is each and every one of their own capital, is the source of each family, is also enterprise's capital. Heavy industry group, hope every employee can healthy and work in peace, people-oriented, mutual benefit and win-win results!!!!!