Congratulations on heavy industry valve group ended in July training activities

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On July 29, 2015, heavy industry valve group in qingtian manufacturing base to carry out the training activities in July. 30 in the evening, group headquarters is also carried out conveniently. 
This month training topic closely around the quality and quality management consciousness and responsibility. Heavy industry brand establishment, has always been to produce high quality products for the purpose, to provide users with superior performance, safe and reliable industrial valves. 
Exchange conference of this training, by watching video quality awareness and quality management training, make all staff the importance of the quality of product have a more profound understanding of, and provide quality management personnel with 4 m1e factors of quality management methods, namely Man (workers), Method (Method), Material (Material or components), the Machine (Machine), Environment (work Environment). Among them, a video that haier hit a refrigerator is to give you a shock. Just because of the screw loose, or didn't weld welding, or with a small mouth, the whole 76 refrigerator all smashed burned in front of all employees. Who all love dearly, but had to hit. Because, don't hit the refrigerator today, tomorrow, the somebody else will come to our factory to have a hit! Also, if the quality of our products out of the question, is screwed up own brand. 
Exchange conference of training, our staff is eager to speak, to communicate with you. Our qc inspectors said: "the quality of the product is produced, not check. When the inspectors found defective products, means that the quality of the products have problems, it has become an irreversible fact. We can only go to rework repair, can only be scrapped. Even so, we should nip in the bud, in the manufacturing and machining to ensure product quality reach the standard." Indeed, is the purpose of the test was carried out on the quality of the secondary control, but is not to find nonconforming. Manufacturing and machining is the most key link decided the quality of the products. 
Communication meeting at the end of our production vice President also once again the scene of the product quality and workshop environment, points out that detail decides success or failure. Every employee to take out 100% of the rigorous attitude, cannot exist, decent, almost to strictly according to quality standard to request oneself, pay attention to every detail, really do not produce unqualified products, circulation of nonconforming product, the factory nonconforming product. 
Quality consciousness is every manufacturing enterprises need to pay attention. For the valve manufacturing industry, heavy industry knows the importance of product quality, and stick to do high quality valves, let customers buy at ease, use at ease, provide a strong quality assurance!