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Professional manufacturing, professional services, heavy industry group is committed to meet customer expectations, continuously improve service quality. "Quality and synchronization of life" is the eternal theme in heavy workers, the company strictly in accordance with the ISO9001-2000 quality certification system, strictly control the quality, responsibility to the people, ensure the health operation of the production, sales and service, strengthen the communication with the user, to the masses of users wholeheartedly provide high quality products, perfect service of the United States, I inform my company to do the following commitments. 
A, products strictly in accordance with Chinese GB, HG and American API standard design, manufacture, inspection and acceptance. Sealing surface hardness in meeting the requirements of the regulations of the state, the width more than the national standard. 
Second, the pre-sale service: product introduction, technical communication, non-standard product design, troubleshooting. 
Three, sale service: 
1, abide by contract, guarantee the timely supply, keep contact with customers. 
2, to the special or complex products, I will arrange relevant personnel to the user for the use of the product, troubleshooting, debugging, maintenance training and guidance, etc. 
Four, after-sales service: 
1, the heavy industry product quality m within 18 months since the factory, practice the "three guarantees" service (baotui, proven, the repair). 
2, product in use our company organize regular technology, quality service personnel to visit, for users, usage, improve the quality of product feedback, etc., in order to further improve product quality 
3, for the user to complain about the quality, rapid response, after-sales service in 24 to 36 hours to 48 hours to the scene outside the province. 
4, to after-sales service, require users to fill in after service quality feedback information table, and make appraisal Suggestions, in order to improve the service quality of heavy industry.