Market-oriented, science and technology as the power, keep the biggest, strive for best. In the innovation ability of a constantly forming self at the same time, positive and various universities, domestic and international research institutions and famous enterprises to carry out a wide range of technical cooperation and exchanges. And in the multilateral technological cooperation seize control of technology and market. 

To achieve this goal the most fundamental way is to rely on scientific and technological progress, through technological innovation, enhance the technical strength. This should be the most excellent quality induction watt-hour meter series; Should have the leading technology home and abroad electronic watt-hour meter series; Should be on behalf of the current advanced level of high-tech products. I.e., according to the "first-class products, first-class service" based on the domestic and international markets. In addition, the positive development in valve field. 
Mind user, look around the world, develop thinking, activate the innovation consciousness, set up the "stronger" concept; 
Research and development to the user, to touch the right pulse of the market - prospective product positioning; 
To master the new information, to adopt new technology, pays special attention to basic research, "temper" new products; 
Break the routine, optimization of process, continuous improvement, improve product quality.  
To market demand as the criterion, establish and improve to adapt to the market demand of technical development system and running mechanism. An enterprise as the main body, make full use of resources of science and technology, extensive, various forms of technical cooperation and exchanges of an open system. Increased investment in technology development, want to have more achievements with independent intellectual property rights technology. At the same time to strengthen the transformation of achievements.