A, brand protection: headquarters provides a unified brand, unified standard, unified image, unified clothing, unified store image and enterprise VI visual system access, to build a strong brand image, forming the butterfly effect. 
Second, quality security: heavy industry valve group pass of production, ensure that every product is safe and reliable. Allows you to make money without worry. 
Three, marketing support: heavy type valve group owns abundant marketing experience of actual combat team, is equipped with professional training centre, we regularly organize training courses, let franchisees to master the forefront of marketing management information at any time, become a real master of marketing. 
Four, advertising support: the company planned in a variety of media advertising, including magazines, newspapers, outdoor, television, etc., to increase brand awareness, promote corporate earnings growth. 
Five, the monopoly protection: strict control area the number of franchisees, avoid vicious competition between peers, make franchisees monopoly, the maximum guarantee the interests of the franchisees. 
Six, the innovation safeguard: heavy industry valve group constantly develop new technology and new products, followed the trend, update replacement fast, ensure the dealers to improve the terminal sales. 
Seven, risk safeguard support: headquarters has adjustable exchange policy, to reduce the investment risk of franchisees to minimum, make you easy to make money without the trouble back at home. 
Eight, perfect after-sale service: professional conducting regular visits, marketing management personnel to napa stores on the marketing activities, recruit students management, marketing operations, goods display, sales planning, staff management, etc.